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Following the success of 2016, La Pasqualina won its second award Illy Bar dell'Anno Gambero Rosso 2019 thanks to its famous panettone and home-made bread, cooked with a special sourdough, introducing also a peculiar salty ice-cream made with Strachitunt DOP cheese and a tomato sherbet.
106 years of excellent taste research and an accurate selection of the best products is something that has always characterised La Pasqualina and these principles allowed the cafe to be recognised as one of the Italian best places for eclecticism and quality. Riccardo special project is to trace the origin of all the products and their processing. This is something that goes beyond a good product and a good service. The viennoiserie, the cakes, the bread, and the ice-cream are all additive free (no thickener agents, no emulsifiers, no dyes, no chemical flavorings, no hydrogenated fats and no milk powder). One of the very few places around the country that made this choice in order to emphasise the ingredients flavor and to make the ice-cream lighter and more digestible for everybody.
Walking inside the cafes in Almenno San Bartolomeo, Bergamo and Porto Cervo you will have the chance to taste the hard work of their team through an espresso, a piece of carrot cake, a croissant, an ice-cream. Riccardo has traveled throughout Italy researching each product and meeting with the farmers. He also decided to buy a two hectares field to grow his own fruit trees and vegetables.
La Pasqualina is a place where you can breathe culture, an aesthetic and ethic tribute to the food industry and a business challenge.
"I believe that nowadays the most important and relevant thing that a cafe such as mine can do is to invest in creating a healthy and engaging place where people can meet. This is a project that I started first with children at school and then with adults, to make appointments at the cafe. A rather better alternative of staying home with our smartphones." These are the words of Riccardo Schiavi, owner of La Pasqualina at its fourth generation.
La Pasqualina artisanal ice cream, confectionery and chocolate shop, tea room since 1912 in Italy - look at the gallery
La Pasqualina artisanal ice cream, confectionery and  chocolate shop, tea room - Almenno San Bartolomeo - Bergamo - Porto Cervo - Italy
Pasqualina's places are not mere replicas. In each place we create, we put a little bit of ourselves but also a little of what we meet around us.
Artisanal ice cream La Pasqualina - freshly milked milk, Calizzano chestnuts, Amalfi lemons, Thun honey, zabaglione, mascarpone and more - Italy
Making a good gelato is no simple matter, on the contrary!
Everything starts from the choice of the ingredients.
La Pasqualina Newsletter
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