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Any ideas for your office lunch?
Simple but tasteful dishes, in perfect Pasqualina style.
Wraps, toast, unique dishes or salads ...
To book 👉🏼 035 232708
From Monday to Saturday, only in Bergamo.

ARTISANAL WRAP with extra virgin olive oil, without lard

Culatello, mozzarella ........ euro 5.00
Bresaola, goat cheese, salad ........ euro 5.00
Parma ham, Stracchino cheese from the Orobic Valleys ........ euro 5.00

Tomato, Taggiasca black olives pate, Taleggio d.o.p. ........ 6.00
Cheese from Valcavallina, seasoned bresaola, mixed salad ........ 6.00
Cooked ham, fiordilatte, tuna sauce ........ 6.50


Baked ham, Valcavallina cheese ........ euro 4.00
Corn flour toast with swordfish carpaccio, crescenza cheese, yogurt sauce, caper powder, grilled courgettes ........ euro 6.00
Whole wheat toast with Valcavallina cheese, veal in tuna sauce, mixed salad ........ euro 6.00


Aromatic rice from Rossi Farm enclosed in swordfish carpaccio ........ euro 12.00
Potato gnocchi in tomato sauce with buffalo mozzarella ........ euro 9.00
Veal in tuna sauce with steamed vegetables ........ euro 10.00


FANTASY: Salad from our garden, chicken, tomatoes, caramelized walnuts, steamed vegetables and vinaigrette based on Evo oil, oranges, balsamic vinegar, raspberry ........ euro 9.00
La Pasqualina artisanal ice cream, confectionery and chocolate shop, tea room since 1912 in Italy - look at the gallery
La Pasqualina artisanal ice cream, confectionery and  chocolate shop, tea room - Almenno San Bartolomeo - Bergamo - Porto Cervo - Italy
Pasqualina's places are not mere replicas. In each place we create, we put a little bit of ourselves but also a little of what we meet around us.
Artisanal ice cream La Pasqualina - freshly milked milk, Calizzano chestnuts, Amalfi lemons, Thun honey, zabaglione, mascarpone and more - Italy
Making a good gelato is no simple matter, on the contrary!
Everything starts from the choice of the ingredients.
La Pasqualina Newsletter
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